Themes of music, Americana, pop-culture, Southern Gothic and Scifi are usually in my head and then they somehow end up on wood, paper, canvas, pixels and screen-prints.

Graduate of The Columbus College of Art & Design. My illustration work has been published by national and international magazines, corporations, design and advertising firms. Currently exhibiting work in brick and mortar galleries across U.S.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and play the mandolin in an area bluegrass band, The Hey Brothers

Visit my talented brother Robert's online shop, Robert Lee and co-owner, Mark McDevitt make the coolest screen prints. Check them out! 

That's the basic short story.

Brief gallery list:

The Stranger Factory, Rotofugi, Cotton Candy Machine, The Dream Factory (Germany), Amplified Art Gallery, Auguste Clown Gallery (Australia), SubUrban Vinyl, Art Whino...